I am available to conduct meetings with your congregation on any subject. The following series of lessons are currently available: 

The Songs of Salvation Singing School

—Learn how to read your songbook better. 

—Concentrate on singing with discipline and in pursuit of spiritual excellence. 

—Be uplifted by the lessons our songs teach. 


School includes 2-3 lessons in music theory and technique (plus a private session for song-leaders); and 4 lessons from songs that teach God's plan of salvation, putting into practice the lessons learned. 

Why Jesus Had To Die

—Couldn't God have saved mankind without Jesus' death?

—If so, why did he have to choose one of the most gruesome, heart-wrenching means of salvation imaginable (i.e., crucifixion)?

—If there were no other ways possible, what does that say about the nature of God? Can't he do anything? 


This timely study explores one of the most arresting (yet infrequently examined) thoughts within Christendom. Most Christians know that Jesus died to take away the sins of the world; however, in this series, we investigate what the Bible teaches relative to why it was necessary for him to die for that purpose. 

The Lord's Church

7 lessons which examine what the Bible teaches regarding the church of Christ, including: 


1. Its Meaning

2. Its Creation

3. Its Identity

4. Its Essentiality

5. Its Needs

6. Its Hindrances

7. Its Soundness

Meeting Schedule







Our Mistaken Master

Stop 11 Road church of Christ

Indianapolis, IN

May 6th, 2018


Why Jesus Had To Die

Madison Street church of Christ

Tipton, IN

October 15th-November 26th, 2017

The Songs of Salvation Singing School

Madison Street church of Christ

Tipton, IN

April 30, 2017

Forget Not To Entertain Strangers


Milestone church of Christ

Cantonment, FL

February 22, 2016

What Happens When We Die?

Madison Street church of Christ

Tipton, IN

November 15th-29th, 2015

The Lord's Church

Gospel Meeting

Madison Street church of Christ

Tipton, IN

July 7th-11th, 2013

The Songs of Salvation Singing School

Valley church of Christ

Burbank, CA

July 3rd-31st, 2011

The Songs of Salvation Singing School

Van Nuys church of Christ

Van Nuys, CA

July 3rd-31st, 2011

What Happens When We Die?

A comprehensive analysis of Biblical teaching relative to the afterlife, and the process leading to it. Lessons include:


—The importance of understanding the theme

—The distinction between the soul and body

What happens to the soul and body after death?

—Will the soul and body ever reunite?

—What happens after this life is over?

—Can righteous people live blissfully in heaven knowing some of their loved-ones are in hell?

The Evolution Of Evolution

A series which presents material from my booklet, exploring the ever-shifting status of organic evolution. The material deals with the history of Darwin's theory, and shows that, in spite of the bluster from proponents of macro-evolution, the theory is still unproven, and very much in a state of uncertainty. 

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