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Fact-asserting before fact-finding.


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Year after year, new evidence is discovered which forces proponents of organic evolution to alter previously-held positions. Some changes are indeed minor — allowing evolutionists to try to “fill in the gaps.”

But others are monumental — devastating, in fact. These monumental changes have impelled evolutionists to “shudder in horror,” causing some of them to come to the “horrible realization” (as one evolutionist put it) that the empirical evidence and their foundational Darwinian assumptions are in interminable conflict. Darwin suggested that organic evolution enables organisms to grow stronger and better fit to survive. But it appears that the more the theory of organic evolution itself evolves, the weaker it becomes.


This booklet —written by a non-scientist for non-scientists — explores the historical evolution of five “chief” components of macro-evolutionary theory, including human evolution, classical Darwinism, uniformitarianism, recapitulation theory, and neo-Darwinism. Each of these notions were once touted as incontrovertible “facts” of science. Yet, due to new scientific discoveries, macro-evolutionists have been forced to change their tune.

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