The Bible Was Written To Be Understood

English-speakers talk of receiving a diagnosis.

This word, derived from ancient Greek, literally means, "through-knowledge." It denotes the ability to identify a phenomenon through examination and testing.

In similar vein, the Bible, penned originally in Greek, was written to be “anagnosed” (Mk. 13.14; Mt. 24.15; lit., again-knowledge) — personally understood by a reader who is re-living or re-appreciating what was originally conveyed by the author.

As the author knew his meaning initially, so the reader (the anaginoskon) must know-again the same meaning. Jesus often reprimanded his contemporaries for failing to “anagnose” the sacred oracles, as originally conveyed (i.e., “have you not read…”—cf. Mt. 12.3, 5; 19.4; 21.42; 22.29-31; etc.).

Indeed, the Bible can and must be read, so as to know-again its original meaning!

Ephesians 5.17 — Matthew 15.10 —

John 8.43 — Ephesians 3.4

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