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Where Did We Come From?

Wayne Jackson presents the logical case for the supernatural origin of the universe.

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Wayne Jackson presents more evidence for the supernatural origin of the universe.

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To what does the material universe owe its existence? How came we to be? Only three explanations are possible.

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Fact-Asserting Before Fact-Finding

A booklet examining the original version of macroevolution, how that version has evolved through the years, and generally where the theory stands at present. Though macroevolution is frequently touted as a settled "fact," it is far from proven — and getting farther and farther away with each passing decade!

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Life on earth is precious. Conditions are "just right" for us to exist.

Earth and Space
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It is one of life's most probing questions. Perhaps an answer may be partially supplied, but it only seems to lead to more questions!

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Are You Going To Heaven?

Heaven is not guaranteed unconditionally.

There are things you "must do" (Acts 9.6; Acts 16.30). Click on these articles to learn more.

Gift Wrapped

Is salvation unconditional or conditional? The Biblical answer may surprise you.

Girl in a City

How do we reconcile Paul's position that we are not saved by works with James' position that we are saved by works?

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"Gospel" means good news. What is the essence of that message?

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This article examines what it means to be "in Christ," and how one gets into him.


Have your Bible open as you study what it teaches relative to your salvation. 

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Some suggest that what one believes does not matter. God takes an altogether different view.