Evolution of Evolution

A 60 page booklet, written for the

non-scientist by a non-scientist, exploring the

ever-shifting history of organic evolution


Are You Going To Heaven?

Heaven is not guaranteed unconditionally.

There are things you "must do" (Acts 9.6; Acts 16.30). 

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Salvation In Christ

God has made salvation available for everyone. However, he has placed that salvation "in Christ." Thus, not everyone will actually be saved. This article examines what it means to be "in Christ," and how one gets into him.


Your First Steps Toward Heaven

Salvation is freely given to all by the grace of God. Yet, there are things man must do in order to receive it. Have your Bible open as you study what it teaches relative to your salvation. 

Salvation: A Free Gift

Is salvation unconditional or conditional? The Biblical answer may surprise you!

Heaven's Layaway

The modern layaway system is not new. In fact, salvation itself may be the original layaway item. 

The Lord's Church 1-7

Belonging to the church built by Christ is absolutely critical to salvation. This series of articles will help you understand more about this marvelous institution. 

Does What You Believe Matter?

Do not go through life assuming you will not be held accountable for what you believe!


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