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Where Did We Come From?

Wayne Jackson presents the logical case for the supernatural origin of the universe.

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Wayne Jackson presents more evidence for the supernatural origin of the universe.

Origins Part 1 Thumbnail.jpg

To what does the material universe owe its existence? How came we to be? Only three explanations are possible.

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Fact-Asserting Before Fact-Finding

A booklet examining the original version of macroevolution, how that version has evolved through the years, and generally where the theory stands at present. Though macroevolution is frequently touted as a settled "fact," it is far from proven — and getting farther and farther away with each passing decade!

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Life on earth is precious. Conditions are "just right" for us to exist.

Earth and Space
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It is one of life's most probing questions. Perhaps an answer may be partially supplied, but it only seems to lead to more questions!

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Are You Going To Heaven?

Heaven is not guaranteed unconditionally.

There are things you "must do" (Acts 9.6; Acts 16.30). Click on these articles to learn more.

Gift Wrapped

Is salvation unconditional or conditional? The Biblical answer may surprise you.

Girl in a City

How do we reconcile Paul's position that we are not saved by works with James' position that we are saved by works?

The Gospel.png

"Gospel" means good news. What is the essence of that message?

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This article examines what it means to be "in Christ," and how one gets into him.


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Is Christianity Valid?

Archeology, Part 1 Thumbnail.jpg

Wayne Jackson presents evidence for the validity of the Bible.

Archeology, Part 2 Thumbnail.jpg

Wayne Jackson presents more evidence for the validity of the Bible.

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Did Jesus, as described in the New Testament, ever live? Or, as some have affirmed, was the "New Testament Jesus...a myth?"

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In this seven-part series, we explore the objective and subjective evidence as to why everyone should be a Christian.

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The Bible insists that, in our service to God, we should use our minds in a manner consistent with principles of validity.

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Archeology continues to bolster the Biblical record. The discovery of Abraham's original hometown is especially insightful.

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What Is The Church of Christ?

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Its Meaning


Many have lost sight of the significance of the church to the soul, and most have never known exactly what the Lord's church is. 

TLC 2 Its Creation.png

Its Creation


The church of Jesus Christ was planned since before creation. It is not an unexpected afterthought!

TLC 3 Its Identity.png

Its Identity


How do we identify the church Jesus built? What does it look like?

TLC 4 Its Essentiality.png

Its Essentiality


Membership in the church of Jesus Christ is essential to our salvation.

TLC 5 Its Needs.png

Its Needs


The church has needs. Are you providing for them? Or is your only concern whether or not the church is meeting your needs?


Have your Bible open as you study what it teaches relative to your salvation. 

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The term "Christian" is thrown around rather loosely today. The Bible, however, applies the name to a very specific kind of person.

Search our online commentary on selected Bible passages!

Anagnosis means "knowledge again." It is used of a "reader" who learns the meaning of a text, which the author "knew" when he wrote it (Mk. 13.14).

TLC 6 Its Hindrances.png

Its Hindrances


Though the church has many needs, there are some things the church does not need.

TLC 7 Its Soundness.png

Its Soundness


Scripture places great emphasis on the need for soundness. Especially is this true concerning the church.

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